Why Having Kids is a Great Way to Live Out Your Dreams

One of the best things about having kids is that you get the chance to act like one again. You can get that toy you always wanted or go on that Disney Land trip that you’ve been dreaming of since before you were in grade school. I recall a boss from one of my college jobs telling me that he was excited about having a son, because he had someone to NERF battle with regularly.

No matter how old we get, we’re never too old to have fun. Having children just gives you the green light to play tag on the playground, bust your butt at the trampoline park and construct the most ultimate sheet fortress in the living room.

While having young children is undeniably exhausting, you hold the power to make it something wonderful. Take the time to enjoy it. Really, thoroughly, wholeheartedly make the most of your time together. Soon they’ll be teenagers and you’ll wish that they’d want to hang out with you.

To put this into action, I recommend writing a bucket list. But here’s the kicker – write it the way you would’ve written it 20 years ago. What do you wish you’d gotten to do in your childhood?

To get you started, I’ll share a few items that are on my list.

  1. Visit Disney World
  2. Build a K’NEX roller coaster
  3. Go sledding
  4. Visit an apple orchard or pumpkin patch
  5. Draw a map and have a treasure hunt
  6. Have a camp out in the backyard (complete with s’mores and a fire)
  7. Learn to play piano
  8. Join a dance studio and get really good at several variations

Spend this time building a solid relationship with your kiddos. Want to be the coolest parent on the block? Embrace a childlike fascination with the world and find something to be excited about every day. Inspire your children to love their lives, and they’ll thank you later.

Remember that right now you’re their hero, and for all they know, you’ve got super powers. This is the best time to instill awesomeness into your offspring, and further the gene-pool of cool kids.

What would be on your bucket list?

photo credit: emerille via photopin cc

Hello! We’d like to introduce ourselves.

We’re Stroller Solution – a community for parents to rent, try and buy strollers and car seats. That’s the short end of it, but we’d really like to invite you to get to know our company on a more personal level. In this Q&A series, company founder, Decker Sachse, explains his motivation to launch Stroller Solution and highlights his goals for building a parent-to-parent community.

Q: Why was Stroller Solution created? 

A: The idea for Stroller Solution arose from the desire to simplify the process of traveling with children. I am a parent of one with another on the way.  Neither my family nor my wife’s family live in our city; in fact they are spread throughout the country, from Portland to New York and several places in between. So when we want to see them, we have to travel. Getting through airports with all of the gear that comes with a child can be difficult. The thought occurred to me that there ought to be a marketplace where parents could rent strollers and carseats from each other. The concept also lends itself to testing products before you buy them. You need several types for each child that you have, depending on what activities you want to engage in with your children. These products are expensive (ranging from several hundred to thousands of dollars), so it is useful to have a resource that allows you to test a product before you invest in it.

Q: What makes Stroller Solution appealing? 

A: Stroller Solution is unique because there are limited resources available to parents to rent products like strollers and carseats. Retailers don’t let you rent their products, or even borrow them to test. There are websites out there which advertise child product rentals, but none that I am aware of are taking the peer-to-peer approach. This website is by parents, for parents.

Q: Who does your service appeal to? 

A: Our ideal customers are parents (existing or to-be), who want to make traveling easier or who want to test products before they buy. The concept also appeals to parents who want to monetize instead of simply storing their expensive items in a garage to gather dust.

Q: What core values are held by the company? 

A: The values of Stroller Solution are effectiveness, convenience, and community.

Q: To sum it up, what does Stroller Solution aim to do? 

A: Our role is to be the market. We want to create a community where parents can, at the swipe of a finger on a mobile device, simplify their travel or product research experience.