Best Double Jogging Strollers

Here’s a good article reviewing the best double strollers for jogging.  Generally speaking, a jogging stroller doesn’t double as an every-day stroller and vice versa.  Jogging strollers are bigger, heavier, and have a fixed front wheel (unless it’s a cross-over, which has a convertible front wheel).  The article cautions against going with an “economy” jogging stroller, because the force of running combined with the weight of kids is tough on gear.  Jogging strollers are expensive (average price $500 for a good one), so the author recommends buying used if you can’t afford a new one; essentially saying a used high-end model is a better buy that a cheap new one.  Stroller solution is good place to start looking for a used jog stroller; find the model you want and try it out before you buy.


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