Stroller Buying Guide

Here’s a link to a great article summarizing some things to think about before buying a stroller.  For instance, the author points out that if you don’t try a stroller before you buy it, you may realize it’s cumbersome to fold, or is too heavy, it might not have amenities that you will later want (for example, cup holders), or the stroller might not fit in the trunk of your car.  Few stores will let you actually take a stroller out for a spin, so use Strollersolution to find the stroller you want, in your area and rent it for a day to try before you buy.

Flying With Kids: All About Strollers

On the question of whether to fly with a stroller for your child, the author of this family travel blog suggests other options:

“If you’re bringing the stroller mainly to use at your destination, then consider other options such as renting a stroller when you arrive, or borrowing a stroller from friends and family. It saves you the hassle of dealing with a stroller before and after the flight and at the airport, and you won’t risk the stroller getting damaged after it’s checked in.”

With Strollersolution, you can rent the stroller you want, at your destination.

Stroller Buying Guide

This article has great tips on things to do before you purchase a stroller; namely giving it a test drive before you pull the trigger.  As the article points out, strollers push fine when empty but perform differently when they are loaded with a baby and 25 lbs of gear.  Few stores will let you demo their strollers, but you can use Stroller Solution to rent the stroller you  want to test from another parent in your area, before you make the decision to purchase.

Best Double Jogging Strollers

Here’s a good article reviewing the best double strollers for jogging.  Generally speaking, a jogging stroller doesn’t double as an every-day stroller and vice versa.  Jogging strollers are bigger, heavier, and have a fixed front wheel (unless it’s a cross-over, which has a convertible front wheel).  The article cautions against going with an “economy” jogging stroller, because the force of running combined with the weight of kids is tough on gear.  Jogging strollers are expensive (average price $500 for a good one), so the author recommends buying used if you can’t afford a new one; essentially saying a used high-end model is a better buy that a cheap new one.  Stroller solution is good place to start looking for a used jog stroller; find the model you want and try it out before you buy.

Airline Policies on Gate Checking Strollers

This post summarizes airline policies on gate checking strollers, which is super helpful. Several comments mention concerns about damage to your stroller, even if gate-checked, or differing airline policies on what you can check and what you can’t.  One alternative to flying with your stroller is to consider renting one from a local parent at your destination.  Stroller Solution is a peer-to-peer marketplace for parents to rent or buy strollers from local parents, to try products before purchasing or to make travels more simple.